My Beautiful Boys,

“My voice will be present when the benefit of me speaking outweighs the risk of me being silent.”

My beautiful boys,

You are worth the fight. I am sorry life is hard for you. That I have to fight so hard for you. It is not the fight I am sorry for, because I would fight for you everyday of my life willingly and proudly. I am sorry because if I do not fight for you, you would have much less then you have now. If I do not speak up and be your voice, then you would not be heard. If I sit silent you will be forgotten. I am your advocate. I promise to put aside my fears and discomfort and will continue to shout with confidence to all who need to hear. Not because I want to, but because you need me to. 

Change does not come when I sit quiet. Change cannot happen without the knowledge and understanding of your rights. Not just your human rights, but your education, medical, clinical, and social rights. I need to know what is equal and fair so I know what to say to ensure equality. My voice will be present when the benefit of me speaking outweighs the risk of me being silent. Change happens because I have the passion and motivation to execute the mission. The mission will always be you. I am your advocate. You are worth my effort and will always be worth the fight. You are worthy, and you deserve self worth. 

The world can call me what they want, but I am proud to be “that mom”. To many I may be “here she goes again mom”, but to you I will always just be mom. Your biggest advocate. Your fearless fighter who does fear the fight. I am your voice to ensure you are getting what it is that you need, what is written in policy to protect your rights and not what people provide you to check a legal box. Knowledge is power and advocacy results in powerful change. 


“That Mom” 


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